Web Domain Names

What is a domain name?  A domain name is the unique identifier to an Internet site.  Domain names have two or more parts separated by dots.  For example, www.jgardnerdesigns.com

If you are thinking about creating a website, you will need a domain name.

How can we help?

JGardner Designs will be happy to assist you in selecting your Web domain name. There are several important considerations when selecting your domain name. These include:

  • easy to remember
  • short, but meaningful
  • easy to spell/not misspell
  • include a main key word - for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes
  • word(s) pertinent to your business or organization
  • suffix availability (i.e. .com, .org, .biz) - top level domains

There are many other issues related to the purchase of your domain name. For example, the availability of the name you have chosen. Are you willing to pay a premium for a name which is only available via commercial resale? Should you purchase the .com version as well as the .info version? Are there any trademark issues with the domain name you have selected?

JGardner Designs will walk you through all of these considerations and ensure that you select the best Web domain name for your business or organization.